Kyaro & African Adventure Tours is a tour company based in Africa that specializes in providing exceptional travel experiences to visitors who want to explore the natural beauty and cultural diversity of the African continent. The company was founded with the aim of connecting people with the wonders of Africa and promoting sustainable tourism practices.
Kyaro & African Adventure Tours offers a wide range of customizable tour packages that cater to the unique needs and preferences of its clients. Some of the popular tours offered by the company include wildlife safaris, cultural tours, mountain climbing expeditions, beach holidays, and adventure tours.
The company’s team is made up of experienced and knowledgeable tour guides who are passionate about sharing their love and knowledge of Africa with visitors. They are committed to providing personalized service and ensuring that every client has a memorable and fulfilling travel experience.
We can offer safaris covering any duration of time. The longer the itinerary, the more individualized the itinerary will become according to your interests and according to the time of the year. There are variations available especially during the birthing season of the wildebeest in February & early March and also during the migration herds Mara River crossing typically from July - October. Contact us and we can create the safari itinerary of your dreams.
  • Highest Safety Standards: Our guiding and safety gear provisions deliver the safest experience
  • Comfiest Camping: Best camping kit.
  • Professional Team – Our guides and climbing crew are seasoned pros.
  • Ethical Porter Treatment – We set the standards.
  • Gourmet Food – Fresh, healthy meals with local ingredients and catering for special needs.
  • Responsible Tourism: Committed to environmental responsibility;
  • Over 10 Years Experience – So you benefit from our expertise and passion

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Kyaro & African Adventure Tours also places a strong emphasis on sustainability and responsible tourism. The company works closely with local communities and conservation organizations to promote environmental conservation and support local development initiatives. They also prioritize ethical and sustainable tourism practices that minimize the impact of tourism on the environment and local cultures.
Overall, Kyaro & African Adventure Tours is a reputable and reliable tour company that offers unique and unforgettable travel experiences in Africa while promoting sustainable tourism practices.
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